Students travel around India during four Experiential Learning weeks over the course of their two years at the college - typically in November and March of their first and second years. While the first year Project Weeks are faculty led, the second year Project Weeks are independently designed by students. These Project Week experiences are rewarding and enjoyable, but are also deeply challenging. You will find yourself in an unfamiliar context, with unfamiliar people. Food, sanitation and climate may be uncomfortable, and group dynamics or the context may challenge you in unexpected ways. Above all you should embrace these challenges and discomforts as part of the learning experience.

Experiential Learning Week 1: Experience India Week

Experience India Week gives newly arrived first years an opportunity to get off campus and engage with this vast, dynamic, and diverse country we call home. The trips are designed with enough latitude so students can find threads of personal enquiry during their travels with the freedom explore a range of themes such as history, culture, development, nature, and politics, to name just a few. All our trips require the proactive engagement of students as contributors to a shared experience, rather than as passive passengers or tourists.

Experiential Learning Week 2: Service Learning Project Week

Our change-making mission demands that our students are equipped to address issues of global concern in an effective manner. Every year, our first year student embark on a student-led and faculty-mentored project week wherein students work with leading non-profit organizations across India. Students have worked with rainforest protectors at Gurukul Botanical Sanctuary, rural women journalists at Khabar Lahariya, Sex workers union in Kolkata, technological innovators at Makers Asylum etc. Students pitch their own projects with clear deliverables and demonstrate their learning in a public showcase.