Academic and Learning Support

Learning Support Office

The UWC Mahindra College IB Diploma is a demanding academic programme and it takes most students some time to adjust to this new method of teaching and learning. In order to support students academically, the College has a Learning Support Office where they can go for help with skills such as essay writing, time management or study techniques. The Learning Support coordinator works with faculty and advisors to identify students in need of academic support, and students are also encouraged to monitor their own progress and to seek support when they need it.

The Language and Writing Centre

The Language and Writing Centre is a tutoring service that supports students’ writing and speaking skills in English, Hindi and Spanish. Tutors are subject teachers and second year students who have been trained to give language support and writing feedback. The Centre not only supports students seeking help, but also helps student tutors develop their own language and writing skills through the helping their peers. The Centre is open in double blocks every day in the AQ.

Peer Tutoring Groups

Each academic department organises weekly peer tutoring groups to help support students who are having difficulties in the acquisition of concepts or need some extra help with homework.

Availability of Teachers

As part of their residential commitment, teachers are very happy to meet with students one-on-one after class during the afternoons or evenings to go over information or ask questions.

Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with learning difficulties or other special education needs are encouraged to indicate these needs in their joining papers and to contact the Learning Support coordinator upon arrival at the college. The Learning Support coordinator may also encourage students facing particular difficulties with the academic programme to be assessed for specific learning difficulties, as identification of such difficulties can help the faculty to better support the student. At times, the IB provides special allowances for exams, such as extra time or access to a word processor to students with identified specific learning difficulties.