You will be required to sign an “Information Technology Acceptable Use Agreement” (attached as Appendix 7) upon your arrival at the college. If you bring a laptop you are responsible for any repair costs. The college takes no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, a personal laptop or other personal equipment, mobile phones, IPods, cameras etc.

WiFi connection is available across the campus, though not in the student rooms; connectivity and email ID, as well as information on how to log on to the campus network, will be given to you through the IT department upon arrival.


You will be assigned a e-mail account and will be responsible for checking it daily. Important information will be communicated to you through your official e-mail id. UWC Code of Conduct and IT Acceptable Use Agreement govern all e-mail correspondence.

College Intranet

Intranet: A college intranet is available to all faculty and students to facilitate the communication with support staff on campus. To convey any massage to support staff; please use Request forms on intranet.

  • Maintenance: Please complete this form if you need any assistance or repair work done through the Maintenance department.
  • IT: Please use this form to request assistance from the IT department. If the request is urgent, or if the internet is down, please make your request by phone or in person on extension no. 166.
  • Event Support: If you wish to stage an event (Special Dinner outside café, Music and/or dance programmes, Group visit, Exam set-up etc.) that requires support staff assistance (Food, Moving furniture, Lighting etc) please fill up the event support form setting out your proposal & requirements. We will discuss the requirements with Event's Committee ([email protected]) and accordingly resources will be made available to you.
  • Garden: Please fill out the form if you have any requirement for garden work or need help from gardeners for your projects.
  • Lost & found: Please record any lost or found items on campus through this form, which will help security to take necessary actions.
  • Material Request: Please complete this form if you require any material from stores or want to request a purchase for your project or personal use. We will discuss the requirements and budgetary/Payment provisions and inform you accordingly.
  • Safe/Locker Repair: Please complete this form if you need any assistance or repair work done for your safes and/or Lockers.
  • Telephone services available on campus: Our campus is well connected through the epabx system for internal communications. For any assistance on procuring personal SIM cards for mobiles please contact front desk who can help you with same.