Integration Week

Before you get here, your imagination is likely to take you to all kinds of places. What is it like? What kind of people will I meet? How is India going to be? Who are my roommates? How does the campus look like? At the college, the Integration Week is designed to smoothly settle you in. There will be bonding games, storytelling nights, performances, opportunities to interact, academic fairs, campus tours, movie nights, trips to Pune, workshops and all of that! Your second years will take very good care of you. Faculty and staff will make sure that you feel comfortable both in the classroom and the community.

When Maria Jimena (Class of ‘15) joined, she was as excited as you are right now. Remembering the beginning, she says, “During my integration week, I felt so out of my comfort zone like I have never felt before, but being out of it in no way felt bad, it actually gave me the opportunity to challenge and let myself out. Never when I thought of coming at UWCMC did I imagine my first week here was going to be the way it was. I might have pictured with lots of awkward conversations and lack of social skills and instead, I found myself playing mud games at 6 in the morning right after you were woken up by (your adorable) second years. I found myself showering with a frog right next to me. I realised that my confidence grew a little more everyday.”

It’s time to get ready!

Campus Life

Daily life at UWC can be joyful, stressful, stimulating, and busy—often all at the same time. Whether it’s your first time away from home or you have years of boarding school experience under your belt, you’ll find that living at UWC Mahindra College is unique. Affiliations are formed in every way imaginable—in addition to having roommates and country mates, you’ll have extra roommates (classmates who live in the room next door), region mates, and wada mates. There are hundreds of ways to form a family! Throughout your journey, days will be filled with engaging classes, eye-opening community engagement projects, adventurous wilderness expeditions, and rich dorm room dialogues centered on politics, identity, cultural perspectives, and much more. Curious about what a typical day at UWC Mahindra College looks like? Students agree there are more opportunities than there is time, and no matter what you choose to immerse yourself in, the experiences will offer their own challenges and rewards. Take a look at a typical day on the hill here

Campus Events

At the college, a wide array of events take place that keep students busy throughout their time here. Students organise and participate in regional and cultural evenings. Every year, the entire community actively takes part in the UWC Day organised by the college along with UWC schools, colleges, and alumni worldwide. There will be opportunities to attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis. As part of the Triveni programme, students engage in focus weekends centered on each of the Triveni streams. Additionally, MUN and TEDx are major events that bring the external participants to campus.