Check out what students do during Exeats, Project Week and Travel Week!

Exeat & Travel Week

During exeats and travel week, students travel in groups across India to explore the country, to learn about the cultural, social, and religious diversity of this land, and to bond with each other as they experience this journey together. Students have covered the length and breadth of the country while engaging in a rich learning experience and a lot of fun! The college ensures the safety and security of students during their adventures with the help of wada parents and advisors who gives out necessary guidelines with emergency contact information.

Project Week

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What Students Have to Say

I learnt that common ground is not one of the requirements for forming relationships. Just a few smiles, mutual compassion and respect can go a long way. I also learnt that physical hardship is more a state of mind than a real limitation and that team spirit is not just to win as a unit, but each individual to come out victorious. But the most significant learning was that though the social status of a lot of women in India is not independent or equal, there are organization out there that have successfully changed the lives of some of the women, and that there is still hope for change.

Ananya from India (Class of ‘16)
Project Week at Vanasthali, Karnataka

“Patience and empathy are probably the two most important elements i learned to experience. It was impressive to see how our group overcame the language barriers to understand better what all the talks were about (since some of the presentations werr in kannada). I learnt how cruel society can be but at the same time how there are most certainly groups of people who are ready to help these marginalized communities.”

Joita from India (Class of ‘16)
Project Week at Sangama, Bangalore

“I got many new aspects to many things such as living, sustainability, teamwork, spirituality, etc. Auroville was a bit creepy place and I have to admit, that I may had the weirdest week ever (although I did have amazing time). But I'm really glad about the fact, that I went there and learnt about meditation, living in Auroville, using bamboo... I'm also very happy of all these stories I heard and the places I got to see during my project week.”

Niklas from Germany (Class of ‘15)
Project Week at the Bamboo Centre, Auroville