The Triveni Programme (IB CAS) is at the heart of the UWC Mahindra College experience and ensures that learning moves beyond the classroom. Participate in a variety of activities and explore new ways of thinking about the issues that surround you in the College, in India and around the world. We believe that as one of the only UWCs situated in a country in transition, we offer a unique opportunity to explore, experience and critically analyse concepts of power, privilege, class and development within the framework of a school that is striving to shape leaders of change in the world.

Pushing your own physical, intellectual and creative boundaries, evaluation and reflection are important components of the programme and are designed to ensure that you critically analyse your impact on the ground, while ensuring a positive impact on the communities that you are a part of.

Specialist Streams

The Triveni Program aims to achieve a more tangible impact both in our college community and in the local community. UWC Mahindra College has pioneered a new project-based Triveni programme which will equip students with concrete skills such as innovative problem solving, community organizing, and project development to help them become agents of social change. By focusing on projects, students will learn the basics of project management, such as conducting needs assessments, generating ideas, analyzing how those ideas match the needs, identifying resources, planning and preparing, executing, and evaluating.

Prior to the development of projects, students will engage one of five areas of interest:

  • Education
    The Education Stream of the Triveni program at Mahindra College aims to impart to the students of the stream basic pedagogical skills and knowledge and through the process of teaching and learning projects in the College and the Local Community give them the opportunity to use the acquired skills.
  • Peace and Justice
    Students within the Peace & Justice stream will work together on a journey in which they will be equipped with and develop the tools to create more peaceful societies by recognising and transforming the violence within conflicts into justice.
  • Sustainability
    The sustainability stream helps students to learn about their campus and local environment by working with it. We intend to make use of our natural resources (both material and educational), to keep our campus healthy, productive and sustainable, and to ensure that all members of our community respect it.
  • Communication & Culture
    The vision of this stream is to empower us to use effective methods of communication to critically engage with various challenges of intercultural understanding and to use media to raise awareness of issues connected to the UWC mission and values. This engaging programme will aim to provide us with the three essential attributes of effective intercultural communication: attitudes, knowledge, and skills.
  • Outdoor Education
    Outdoor Education at the college encompasses both daily and weekly activities, as well as expeditionary learning as pioneered by Kurt Hahn and Outward Bound. Students in the Outdoor and Adventure stream have the opportunity to practice mountain biking, climbing, kayaking and expeditionary leadership, as well as practical maintenance and management skills necessary to look after the gear inventory. They play leading roles in the college's Fire and Rescue services. They co-lead and facilitate 30 day mountain expeditions to Nepal and Ladakh that summit at over 6200m.

For each of these streams, students will undertake a period of skill-building to gain the necessary expertise to conduct the projects.Each student will engage in one of the five Triveni streams and can choose to further specialize within these streams if they wish by developing specific projects within their chosen stream.

Recreational Activities

The project-based Program will be complemented by activities whose aims are recreational and cover a wide range of active and creative pursuits. We offer a wide range of recreational activities, most of which are led by students. Students must participate in at least one Creative and one Action activity every semester, in addition to the projects that they undertake within their specialist streams. From basketball, football and badminton to Zumba, papermaking and painting. If you are passionate about something, you are invited to bring students together and make an activity!


IB course offerings in Visual Art, Theatre Arts, Film Studies, and Dance are complemented by a number of arts-based co-curricular programmes that encourage students to explore their artistic and creative skills.

At the heart of the artistic endeavours at Mahindra College lies an annual, month long, Theatre Season that features between 10 and 15 productions. Our Theatre Seasons are known for their diversity, involving almost 200 individuals (students, faculty, and staff) as writers, directors, designers, actors, and technicians; including the audiences, one might go so far as to say that every single member of our community is part of Theatre Season!

Mahindra College values the role that creativity plays in a holistic UWC education; challenging our community to engage artistically with important questions about ourselves and the world around you.

Themes & Conferences

In order to explore common ideas or patterns from around the world, many Theme Weeks are organized throughout the year. Theme weeks and conferences are student-run and will often feature workshops, guest lectures, debates or movie screenings around topics that can range from peace and environmental sustainability to women and gender.

Gap Years

Designed for students who would like to take a year off between high school and college, the Triveni Office and the guidance counsellor assist students in finding internships, volunteer opportunities, skill building workshops, and short courses to augment their interests. We strongly promote and support gap years and many universities strongly favour students that have had a gap year experience.