Community living is at the core of the UWC experience for students, faculty and staff. At the college, we enjoy and promote a culture of collaboration and engagement, and everyone has a voice in how the community functions. Most of our faculty live on campus and share a close relationship with students as teachers, mentors, advisors, and house parents. Those who live off-campus are just as engaged in the community: sharing meals in the dining hall, interacting with students, and participating in various campus activities.

Being a residential campus, the college offers a wide array of recreational opportunities. For nature enthusiasts, the biodiversity reserve offers rich wildlife and a serene living environment. Quite often, faculty step out for hiking, kayaking, and bike rides in the beautiful Mulshi Valley. For city lovers, our proximity to Pune provides an opportunity to indulge in the vibrant city life and cultural activities.

As members of a community, we have a responsibility to make it a good place to live and work. A good place is one where people can feel safe and where people are thoughtful, respectful and courteous towards others. Each UWC has agreed to follow a common code of conduct and UWC National Committees are obliged to ensure that all nominated students agree to abide by it.  Accepting a place at UWC Mahindra College is conditional upon your agreement with this code of conduct, participating in community discussions and abiding by community agreements and guidelines.

UWC Common Code of Conduct - Common to all UWC’s

Pursuing the UWC mission – to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future – requires a commitment to the following values: international and intercultural understanding, celebration of difference, personal responsibility and integrity, mutual responsibility and respect, compassion and service, respect for the environment, a sense of idealism, personal challenge, and action and personal example.

At the heart of the UWC ethos is respect for others in all our actions and words. This means that we must think about the common good and be able to rise above our individual desires and needs. In short, our ideals require good heartedness from all members of the UWC community and recognition that cultural norms are diverse. The common code of conduct is required to make expectations clear.

Students who accept to study at a UWC school or college commit to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, one that avoids harm to self and to others. The following are not tolerated:

  • illicit drugs
  • tobacco
  • alcohol on school property and school sponsored activities
  • sexual activity in any public area, including student rooms
  • hazing, bullying or harassment
  • assault
  • stealing or ‘borrowing without permission’

Additionally, each college will have clear expectations regarding:

  • attendance (at all classes and activities)

  • academic integrity
  • respect for curfew and / or quiet time
  • alcohol ‘off-campus’

Individual UWC schools and colleges may have additional standards on these issues that reflect the laws and cultural norms of the country in which they are located. The expectation is that the UWC Common Code of Conduct will be followed both in action and in spirit. Those who breach the code will lose the right to remain in their UWC school or college.

Read more about community living in the student handbook.