As part of the Triveni programme, students engage in the local communities through homestays and participate in programmes organised in partnership with various NGOs around India during the school year as well as the project week. Student spend a weekend in the local villages with host families and immerse themselves in the daily lives of individuals living in the rural community. They eat, drink and sleep under the roof of these families, and share cultural and social experiences thus strengthening their understanding and perception of the world around them. In the past year, the college has invited organisations that work with street children, rural women, uneducated youth, etc to get involved with the college community through presentations, workshops and skill-building exercises.

What Students Have to Say

“I think it gave me a good sense of the context of the area that I live in. I came to MUWCI with the idealism that in the two years of being here, I would somehow change the lives of the people in this valley. I would have to say that that mindset has completely changed. The homestays made me realize that it is completely ignorant of me to assume that because a person lives in this rural valley in the middle of India that that person lives a "miserable" life that requires a young American teenager to come and "fix" it. I began to see that although their lives are different, there isn't anything inherently wrong with that. “ Kaz from Hawaii (Class of ‘16)