Jeff and Nennette - Parents of Max (Class of ‘12)

“We felt a huge relief that the college was situated in such a clean area far away from the pollution in Mumbai that we were really not expecting nor did we feel able to deal with. It’s like a sanctuary here. Everyone came and introduced themselves and started conversations easily which was stellar! Faculty also made us feel so welcome so our family feels very integrated in the college just like back home.”

“He left a boy and has grown into a man, capable of navigating so well that he has somehow surpassed us. I feel our place as parents has shifted; he was the boss when we arrived and it was just so great to see him manage everything for us as we moved around and to experience his life here in this environment!”

Marie - Mother of Emil (Class of ‘13)

Referring to her school where she teaches English, Maria said “In Scandinavia this (education) is considered to be a training in democracy. It is important to have people who are courageous enough to speak out, it is not considered necessary for everyone to learn the same thing and behave in the same way. We seek individuality.”

Marie is happy to see that the UWC movement as a whole shares many similarities and values with the free school she and her son attended in Denmark, and finds it very touching to see how well so many nationalities blend in together. She feels that this is a natural progression in his education and that students are being well prepared to go out and take on responsibilities in the world where they can really make a difference.