Student Finances

The Student Finances office works closely with the Admissions Office to manage the billing and collection of student accounts, and provides students and their families with the information and processes to finance education at the college. They can be contacted at [email protected] 

Fees & Other Financial Information

Parents/Guardians of newly admitted students will receive a fee invoice within 3 days of receiving the Admissions letter. Included along with the invoice will be a 'Schedule of Fees' which will include detailed descriptions of fee breakups, installment plans, terms of withdrawal and refunds, and a detailed list of extra costs. Download these details here: Overseas Students | Indian Students 

Bank Transfer Details for Fee Remittance

The fee invoice will include details for making NEFT (Indian) or SWIFT (International) wire transfers. If your bank needs additional details to make a wire transfer using a corresponding bank, please download these details here: Currency-Wise Bank Transfer Details

Pocket Money

Please note the college recommends a minimum and maximum range of pocket money (detailed in the Schedule of Fees) to help create a sense of financial inclusivity on the campus. There is an ATM on campus and students are encouraged to open Indian bank accounts or use international cash cards to access their pocket money. Students are not advised to keep large amounts of cash on their person. The College does not maintain pocket money balances for students, but will help set up student bank accounts in the first few weeks of school. Please approach the Student Finances (Accounts) Office to open a bank account.