Student Finances

Students are responsible for covering the costs of any airfares between your home country and the college unless your National Committee is covering this cost in the terms and conditions of your scholarship. The college cannot accept financial responsibility for anyone who arrives with insufficient funding.

Financial Requirements at the College

  • A deposit of Rs.25,000 is due on your arrival at the college (AY 2015-2017). It is refunded at the end of the second year directly to the parent or guardian (according to written instructions from the parent or guardian of the student), less any charges for loss of items, damages or other charges applicable to the student
  • Personal expenses (optional) – Rs.35,000 per year. Some students may need to buy clothes suitable to the climate and personal items for some activities as well as having additional funds for the purchase of toiletries. On arrival, you should put this money in your safety deposit box or with the Finance office
  • Project Weeks – Rs.16,000 in the 1st year (AY 2015-17)
  • Winter break (if staying locally) - yearly Rs.4,000. If you plan to travel in India during winter break you will need an additional Rs.10,000

Pocket Money

  • The College keeps pocket money account of the both 1st year and 2nd year students which can be withdrawn by the students, Monday to Friday, during cash hours. The parents can send the pocket money as and when required to the College towards pocket money of the student.

First Year Potential Expenses

  • SAT & GPR Fees (If opted)

Second Year Potential Expenses

  • University applications, SAT,GPR fees and other testing costs
  • Legalisation of the IB Diploma (some countries only)

To read guidelines on scholarships and fees, please click here.