Congratulations, you did it!

You have beautifully raised an intelligent and competent son or daughter, who is all set to start this new chapter of life at UWC Mahindra College. You should feel very proud.

We recognise your deep trust in us for taking care of your son or daughter, and we take it very seriously. During this journey of new experiences, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable. It is normal to have feelings of both joy and anxiety during this transition: moving away from home, staying in a completely different environment with students from all over the world, and experiencing new freedoms, responsibilities and independence.

We hope this guide helps answers some of your questions, and provides you with resources for further help or information.

“All is well”

Being at a UWC college is an exciting time for students. They live with individuals between 16 and 19 years of age from across the world in one room. In the beginning, life at the college may seem a little unfamiliar, but over time, we find that an Indian student listens to Norwegian music, a Vietnamese student cooks Italian pasta, an American student borrows Tagore from a friend’s tiny library. Yes, students miss your love and support, and sometimes may get home-sick, but they are also going through an amazing process of self-discovery. The experience of feeling this new-found freedom allows them to trust not only each other, but themselves. At this point, it is important that you let go and carefully pave way for your son or daughter to discover and see how responsibility and freedom can co-exist. We feel that it is important to appreciate how your student’s view of the world is changing. We find that many students think differently after they’ve been in UWC for a while. The fascinating world of diverse new ideas and experiences significantly contributes to the changes in your student’s worldviews, self-perception, and interactions with others - even family members. The important thing is to be prepared. Since you know these changes are on their way, embrace the differences and we will help you through this process.