Dear Parents,

Welcome to UWC Mahindra College!

As we are about to start another year, on behalf of the faculty and administration, I warmly welcome the parents of our new students who come from more than 50 countries. Your children are taking a positive step into a future which we are confident will be enhanced through this UWC experience. We also warmly welcome back the parents of our returning second years.

Those parents of students starting their second year will know that we typically like to communicate directly with our students. This is an indication of the responsibility we wish them to have and of our direct educational relationship with them, and unless we feel that there is a real necessity to do so, we do not contact home as part of the educational process except at formal reporting points. We, however, cherish a positive relationship with you and your family. We warmly welcome you to the college and will update you with what we are doing. Some of you may visit when you drop off your children (returning or arriving for the first time), and we hope to meet you. The members of the community with specific responsibilities will write and tell you who they are, so you know who to contact. We want to make sure that you understand the support structures we have in place to guide and help students. So, these are the people who matter:

The Advisor is the key point of contact for you. Each advisor will have about 5 first year and 5 second year advisees. Some of them bake nice cakes, and some help students who struggle with Mathematics. They may do both and other things, too. Please find out who they are, and when they write to you, I recommend that you write back and establish a rapport with them. Meet them if you visit. Trust them. Respect the job they do. Do not ask them to deliver a message to tell your son or daughter to contact you! But, do contact them if you have any worries or concerns. They are professionals, and they will be very busy people but, they care and their job is to care about the health and well-being of your son or daughter. It is to ensure that students get the very most from their UWC experience, academically and in their personal development. They will generally live in the same Wada as your son or daughter. The Wada is the home of your son or daughter with about 50 students and 5 or 6 adults. Each Wada has Wada Parents – maybe a couple or maybe two individuals who work together. With those who live in the Wada, they make the Wada a welcoming community and a support structure for the members. If you have logistical questions or significant family matters, please contact the advisor and the Wada Parents. The Wada Parents make decisions – for example, permission to leave early or return late, and they communicate the community guidelines to students. Outside of the Wada, the Head of Student Life works with Wada Parents, students, and faculty to enhance opportunities for learning through the experience of living in a community of like-minded but diverse individuals. We have a psychological counsellor on our staff, and we have engaged the services of an additional counsellor who is not a member of faculty but who will visit the college, see students off campus and promote awareness of personal, social and health issues. We have a medical centre managed by the college Doctor supported by three qualified nurses. The doctor is a resident on campus. We provide university and college guidance. The Deputy Head is also the Head of Academics and manages the college on a day to day basis. Almost all of these people are also teachers so we know our students in and out of their academic context. Amongst our adult community, we seek to provide appropriate personal and academic support, and encourage students to develop positive relationships to support their time at the college. In addition, we have a group of peer (student) counsellors who are trained and supported by our counselling staff. The health, well-being, and safety of students are our priorities.

At the college, we ask students to be sensitive about displaying wealth. Whereas most students have their own laptop, we do have a provision for computing facilities. Please note that our accounts office by law is not able to take possession of, handle, or exchange foreign currency. On arrival, an authorised foreign exchange consultant will visit the college when students request this service, and Indian Rupees can then be banked with our accounts office and provided in small amounts as pocket money. Alternatively and preferred is for funds to be transferred to the accounts office from where it can be distributed as pocket money. We are investigating charge cards and an ATM to facilitate security and convenience. The accounts office will be contacting all parents explaining our policies on pocket money, project week expenses, and caution money. Please contact if you have any questions.

To parents of returning students, I hope that you have had a relaxing time with your son or daughter. To new parents, an enthusiastic welcome to the UWC Movement! As we finalise which Wada our new students will be in and who will be their advisor, we will write to you to give you their names and contact details. We will also be writing to our new students and sending them more information and some readings to think about before they arrive. For all of us, exciting times and an exciting year are ahead with new initiatives and opportunities for students to create their open college. Do contact me or my assistant Usha Sundaram if we can help you with anything.

Finally, my thanks for trusting your son or daughter and entrusting us with their education!