95% of our students attend universities around the world after graduating from UWC Mahindra College. Download the list of university placement from the last three years.

University Advising - We have a full time guidance counsellor on campus who helps students with university advising. In our Guidance Office, we have a full-time, residential Guidance Counsellor who works individually with students to ensure that they apply to places where they will be able to pursue their own passions and be part of a community they feel comfortable in. All UWC students are expected to remain committed to the goals and ideals of the UWC movement throughout their lives, in ways they see fit to drive change in the world around them.

Student Profile


Saloni Saraf, United Kingdom/India

B.A. Journalism, University of the Arts, London

Saloni Saraf, our recent graduate from India, is studying journalism at the University of the Arts in London. The last five months have been exciting for Saloni as she continues to settle in and specialise in her field of choice. “As the most significant turning point of my life, my two years at UWC Mahindra College moulded me into someone who is always ready to try new things and meet new people.”


Clara Marques, Brazil

Gap Year at UWC Mostar

Clara Marques, our recent graduate from Brazil, is currently taking a gap year and working at UWC Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As an intern, she assists the co-curricular coordinator with CAS and all the other activities that are not related to the IB, like Project Weeks, Cultural Weeks and events that the school holds. She also coordinates with the Deputy Head a new course called Balkan Studies, mandatory to all first-years, that was based on the ‘This is India’ class at UWC Mahindra College. Clara has been dedicating her time to improving things that matter to her and loves her gap year so far! “I came here because I felt like I needed some time to reflect upon what my UWC experience meant to me and there's no better place than in another UWC, to give me a different perspective.”

Gap Years

Many of our students take gap years after UWC to volunteer and intern as teachers development officers, outreach coordinators, and program associates in various organisations across the globe.