Welcome to the UWC Mahindra College community! We feel a deep sense of gratitude to have intelligent, curious and passionate students thanks to all the parents across the globe! Thank you for trusting us with the educational experience of your son/daughter at such a crucial stage.

The purpose of this section is to give you all the information you need about student life at and after UWC Mahindra College - how you can support your ward, visiting guidelines, financial requirements, college support and facilities, and what students do after they graduate . We have also compiled a list of suggested readings that we think will help you embrace this journey together with your son/daughter, especially in those hard times when distance begins to settle in.

Hear from Ian Ishmael Irungu, our student from Kenya, who expresses how he feels about his life at UWC Mahindra College.

Credit : John Roy (Class of 2014)