Check that your passport is up-to-date and will not expire within the next year. If necessary, obtain a new passport before applying for your student visa as visas will not be granted for periods longer than the validity of the passport.

Apply for a two year multiple entry student visa. To do this, you will need to check the appropriate website or contact the closest Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission in your country. You will need to present the bona fide certificate, issued by the college, to the consular office when applying for the visa along with passport photographs, the completed application form, and the appropriate visa fee.

After you have booked your flight to Mumbai, check that you have all appropriate visas for the countries you must travel through. Sometimes transit visas may be applicable. Apply for these visas as soon as possible.

The right to grant or deny a visa rests solely with the Government of India. Whereas the college will extend maximum assistance in these processes, it is important to remember that obtaining travel and related permit is an individual responsibility. Keeping this in mind do consider the following:-

  • Obtaining a visa takes time – do factor at least 30 to 45 days for visas.
  • Please be clear as to where you have to apply – home country or if you are in a third country can you apply from there. In most countries the eligibility and conditions are available on the internet.

Once enrolled, you need to apply as soon as possible to the applicable consulate / embassy for a visa. The college will provide the following documents in support of the application:-

  1. Admission letter.
  2. Letter for Indian embassy / consulate.
  3. Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Ministry of External Affairs letter Number 771/JS(Coord)2000 dated 12 Sep 2000.

It is advisable to check the website of the consulate / embassy / Visa service provider prior to applying. To get in touch with the college about visas and travel, please contact Mr. Nirpa Singh via email.

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