Here is a summary of the forms that the Admissions Office will be sending new students via email. Please make sure they are completed and returned within the stipulated deadline.


Student Acceptance Form

Please sign this document to accept your offer of a place at UWC Mahindra College for the two academic years commencing in August 2015. Please sign & return this form to [email protected]


Emergency Contact Information

Please keep the contact details listed in this document with you while you’re travelling to India. In case of emergency, it is important that you keep this information handy.


Forms C - H

Form C - Parent’s/Guardian’s Permission

This information and the permission form at the end, refers to the conditions, risks and safeguards for students when they are off-campus. It is intended to inform and not alarm unduly.


Form D - Arrival Details

To help us organise your reception and transportation to the College on your arrival, please let us have the following details. Please use black ink, as this form may be photocopied.


Form E - Course Selection

For your two academic years at the college, please indicate the subjects you wish to take in each group.


Form F - Medical Forms

Please complete your section of the medical form and then have it completed by your healthcare provider. Please note that the contents of this medical form will not in any way jeopardise your admission to UWC Mahindra College unless, of course, your doctor finds you medically unfit. This form will be collected by the Office of Admissions and turned over to the College Medical Centre. All medical information in respect of faculty and students is held by the College Medical Centre in strict confidence.


Form G - Host a Student

We hope that you might enjoy hosting overseas students during College breaks. If would like to host a student, please complete the information below. We will contact you should there be students who wish to avail of your generosity.


Form H - Student Welfare Fund

The unique nature of our College depends on our ability to select students from diverse backgrounds across the world. If you wish to make a donation to the Student Welfare Fund please sign & return this form to the College.