Welcome to UWC Mahindra College and the UWC Movement! We are excited and happy to have you here. Understandably, you must have important questions to ask about life on the hill and we are here to help you understand.

This section guides you through some important practical information: forms you need to submit, information about travel and visas, materials you can bring, and FAQs.

Alongside, you can discover what project week is all about as well as find out more about the beautiful land of India. Are you ready for your journey of a lifetime?

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You may have indulged in a fair amount of guess work when it comes to life on the hill, but we can assure you about one thing: there is no need to worry.

By completing all relevant tasks in the checklist below, you can ensure your arrival at UWC Mahindra College goes smoothly.

Get all the information you need about visa requirements, potential expenses, immunization and insurance, and make sure you have all your essentials sorted before reaching the college.

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“Should I bring warm clothes and winter boots?” “Do you provide blankets?” “Is there a place where I can buy things that I need?”

We understand that you may have such questions in mind because you’ve never been to India! Even if it’s your first time, you’d be surprised to notice the level of familiarity when it comes to worldly goods.

what to pack

Please keep in mind that you can buy almost everything here in Pune! Nevertheless, there are some things you might take with you when you arrive here.

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The UWC educational experience is unique and we are very excited to ensure that your son/daughter gets the best out of it. Take a look at life on the hill: what the UWC educational model entails and how the learning happens, how the UWC community lives and works together, and why experiential learning and community living are at the core of UWC education. Learn about everything that enriches the life of our students and the community.

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student life

We feel privileged to get the opportunity of contributing to the growth and holistic development of every student at such an impressionable and crucial age. At the college, every faculty and staff member earnestly contributes to the success, happiness and well-being of our students. From advisors, wada parents and college counsellors to university guidance, learning support and peer tutoring, we make sure that the student life is enveloped in a strong and caring support system.

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Mentoring and Support

Congratulations, you did it!

You have beautifully raised an intelligent and competent son or daughter, who is all set to start this new chapter of life at UWC Mahindra College. You should feel very proud. We recognise your deep trust in us for taking care of your son or daughter, and we take it very seriously. During this journey of new experiences, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable.

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Parenting a UWC Student