Our campus is located in a very secure location, on top of a hill overlooking two beautiful valleys. This location does present some unique risks and hazards. However, like many risks, most of these are reduced to minimal levels through careful planning, common sense and good preparation. The College has security guarding its entire campus. There are secure lockers available to all students and these should be used for the safe storage of any valuables. Three campus supervisors and an excellent support staff manage all the administrative and security requirements of the College. However, everyone must take great care for any damage or loss to personal items (including money). All our vehicules and drivers are certified and insured. Furthermore, we have a medical centre on campus, with a 16-bed capacity, an on-campus doctor and a nurse at all times.

Living in a Biodiversity Reserve also has some challenges. When the college was founded in 1997, there was very little vegetation on campus. Over the years, as the campus has become more and more green, the wildlife population has also increased. Avoiding unlit areas and wearing shoes at night is advisable.

All students receive a Safety and Security briefing before leaving for Project Week. For security purposes, students must travel in groups of at least three people and carry a mobile phone when they are off-campus. Students are strictly forbidden from driving motorized vehicles - including (but not limited to) cars, motorcycles, motorbikes and scooters while in India.