UWC Mahindra College builds awareness of the complexities surrounding life in India.

We work with IB schools worldwide to design customized CAS programmes that will prepare students to do go into the ground in rural India, learn theories but also to contribute their time and energy to make meaningful change. We have partner IB schools from around the world who come to our campus to live and learn for a life-changing challenge and opportunity!

Sample Schedule:

  • Spend the morning learning Marathi/Hindi and Talk about your ideas of rural India
  • Eat a delicious lunch at UWC Mahindra College and interact with students from over 65 countries!
  • Paint a community center in a nearby tribal village so the community will have a nice place to gather.
  • Work on sanitation education programmes with children
  • Come back to UWC Mahindra College, have a rest- take a hike on our beautiful 175 acre Biodiversity Reserve or spend some time soaking  up some sun by the pool
  • Debrief about your day and experience while watching the sunset near our organic garden pagoda
  • After dinner, watch Theatre Performances by students or attend cultural festivities in the village.
  • Homestays are also available- experience life in rural Maharashtra!

Please mail us at [email protected] if you are interested in visiting our school for a custom programme. More information is available here.