Short programmes allow you to be immersed in an intensive intellectually and emotionally stimulating UWC experience for a few weeks or more. By focusing on specific issues, students are able to explore the complexities surrounding topics and have life- defining opportunities for a highly experiential and hands-on approach to learning. Summer programmes are great opportunities to experience a UWC education, and gives the student an idea of the critical engagement required for a UWC or university education. 

As with the Diploma programme, our summer programmes are highly international in nature and we welcome students from many countries, with needs-based scholarship support. For Indians, it is an incredible opportunity to challenge their assumptions about the India they know and to look at critical issues from various perspectives. We offer several programmes ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks for high school students. Please visit our Outreach Programmes website to review our summer and other short programme offerings. 

Why spend the summer at UWC Mahindra College?

  • Leader in providing international experiential learning and education:
    UWC Mahindra College’s educational model is to provide experiential learning for all its students. This means that you will learn through action, discussions and methods that will engage you and compel you to understand complex issues.
  • Community Service and Learning:
    All our courses include a community learning and service component, which gives students unique cultural insights while they give back to the communities and ecosystems we visit. We are able to provide a letter for students who wish to use this experience for school CAS or Service requirements.
  • College/University Admissions:
    Our programmes will strengthen your college applications, giving you an edge in the competitive college process. Our long-time association with top colleges and universities around the world means that UWC is a brand that they recognize, trust and respect. By taking part in our short programmes, you demonstrate your willingness to become a leader, a risk-taker and a commitment to hands-on learning, service and international and intercultural awareness. For US colleges and various scholarship applications, your experience provides a compelling and unique essay topic.
  • Immersive Issue-Based Learning:
    All short courses focus on a certain issue. Whether the environment, religion in India or understanding the dynamics of Indian society- you will dive deep into an issue and explore the multi-faceted complexities that surround it.
  • Teacher Practitioners:
    You will be taught by experts in the issues that you are discussing. This allows university-level dialogue and exchange in a high school environment.
  • Personal Growth & Leadership:
    You will learn to take charge of your own learning, while we support you to think and do things you never imagined you would. By bringing people together, we want you to be inspired by each other and to inspire others to action.

We will  offer the following programmes in 2020:

YES: Youth, Environment & Sustainability (10 days in early June 2020, Final Dates to be announced in January)

A week long programme, located on the campus’ 175-acre biodiversity reserve, that investigates our impact on the environment and explores sustainable alternatives. Learn more.

TGIF! Theater, Gender, Identity, Film (15 days in June 2020, Final Dates to be announced in January)

A one-of-a-kind experiential summer programme, rooted in the creative techniques of film and theater, that explores, creates and expresses constructs of gender & identity in a variety of personal contexts. Learn more

Encounter India (23 days in June & July 2020, Final Dates to be announced in January)

A 3-week travel programme that elevates us from mere sightseers to 'explorers'. Learning experiences are built around the peg of development - using various socio-cultural, political, historical, and economic lenses - to better understand India, its complexities, and our own histories and ideologies. Learn more. 

Youth Leadership Camp for Indian Students (1 week in June 2020, Final Dates to be announced in January)

A new highly-selective programme with generous scholarship support for students from all over India, with a specific focus on low-income students and students from remote/underrepresented regions. Students cannot apply to this camp directly but must be nominated by a teacher, school leader or youth mentor. If you are an educator and wish to nominate a young person for this opportunity, please visit this form