To date, UWC Mahindra College has educated more than1600 young people from over 80 countries, who were chosen to attend based on their potential and merit to drive change in the world around them. UWC educates for action and we are confident that each member, in their own way, makes a series of positive contributions to society on a personal, community and global level. Our alumni emerge from the UWC experience with a sense of personal responsibility and integrity; equipped and motivated to effect change through personal action and example, they bring the UWC values to life in all that they do.

UWC reaches a high proportion of students who would not otherwise have access to high quality transformational academic programmes such as the IB and would not have the opportunity of a university education through:

  • Extensive Scholarship Provisions: scholarships underpin our ability to ensure a wide socio-economic diversity- the majority of our students (around 80%) receive full or partial needs-based scholarships.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We work with partner organisations and national committees located in over 150 countries to find candidates who would be unlikely to seek out the UWC experience for themselves or are unaware of the opportunities available to them.
  • Selection On Potential: successful applicants have demonstrated high potential and motivation by making the most of the opportunities available to them.

Alumni are leaders in every field imaginable- in business, in the arts, in journalism, in academics and in their communities.

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